Mr. Maxwell “Tall T.” Wilson, Principal of Jack’s River Primary School, was a leader of the kind needed in the 21st century. This is an era of climate change, environmental concerns, issues of food security, a pandemic, and problems in the educational system. Yet this tall man, a man of big ideas, impressed his students, his colleagues, the parents, and all stakeholders with a zeal and commitment which was sacred. He was a consummate teacher who addressed the student as a whole person. He nurtured students as he supported the school garden which provided food for them and others in Jack’s River, Oracabessa. When the pandemic struck, he helped to organize and deliver needed food packages that utilized supplies provided by Green Team International.

He led by example and with the understanding of rural Jamaica in which he grew up. He was committed to the development of students and staff and his community and demonstrated vision. He managed to integrate and provide a comprehensive response to the challenges they faced. He will be sorely missed but we shall plant trees in his memory and he will never be forgotten, His students will no doubt carry the baton he has passed to them and will shine wherever they go. For his family, we send our love and prayers.

Dr. Hilary Robertson Hickling, Green Team International Board Member


Green Team International was founded in 2013 as an outgrowth of the ecotourist site, St. Mary’s Peace Farm. Our mission is to empower people in North America, the Caribbean, the African Diaspora and the world in matters concerning education and the environment through community-based grassroots initiatives.

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A circle of 5 trees have been planted at St. Mary’s Peace Farm, Jamaica
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Trees are currently being planted on St. Mary’s Peace Farm in Jamaica. Eventually, new locations will be identified for planting trees with partners in North America and Africa. Your contributions support the purchasing  of trees from local nurseries and the Forestry Department, employing local farmers for the planting and delivering certificates.  Because of the COVID public health crisis, part of your donation will also go to providing food for affected families in Jack’s River, Jamaica.

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